Friday, December 9, 2016

Dec 9

Grateful for

- spending time with kitties again
- replacing random netflix stuff with productive youtube videos that have something to impart
- having art accepted at 2 lit mags (of course i don't really know what the pt is, or what to do after that, it seems like a momentum that should be kept up, but don't know how. Also do not really get paid for it, or what rights i remain. IE one of those 'was it more trouble than ti was worth?" at least nice that other ppl besides your mum like your art, lol)
- good drive into town, even when i was driving
- free & good dinnner
- being in black mtn again for a while; enjoyable here

To Do

- daily stuff
- pay light on Fri
- hygge page
- post ads early AM, everywhere
- xmas logo
- ma blog
- paint by #s request
- remaining gifts (prob online)
- the credit thing cash back
- later review other lists on here and elsewhere

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