Sunday, July 23, 2017

General Dump - to do

hoping today but hard to obligations of a quasi social nature -

fb/cl post sale ads
demo steamer
80s octo
write 80s update email
write bro
look at livescription & answer
ID 4 more to sub
sub (online if available, in post otherwise)
TF questions
clean kitchen
blog quilt (other comp)
video dwld (other comp)


solve problem
learn joomla
find salvation army for stuff
aff mktg 1 hr/day
weekly sub
violin ongoing - Bach for actual performance
DL sundays
$ update 1x/wk
create systems
optimize space
eliminate extra
sell repurposed nightstands

more later

Saturday, July 22, 2017

starting again, one way or another

sending this out in the mail

other news

1) the Chicken Soup thing I submitted did get accepted :) 

2) two things I submitted re art (free) also

I will update this more in a serious way by the end of the weekend


1) AA art sub (paid or unpaid)

2) JH paid wtg sub & pitch - IE

3) JH unpaid sub (truth out, etc, old SERMCAP wtg, w/ Patreon link

4) AA paid wtg sub (if time, etc, maybe list of topics) IE this one

I have to look at the whole process and see if i want to start over or continue where I left off. Technically we want to collect 99 rejections so as soon as something comes in (IE chicken soup) I have to add more.

Prob add more because i started this in october and thus have till oct 2017 to do this

Going to keep a proper tally again:
when subbed, I put SUB in bold, then when accepted, removed off list & put on ACCEPTED list/blog; when rejected, remove SUB and leave on list

rejected list (goal is 99 by Oct)

1. Chicken SOup JH teacher inspiration
2. online fiction 
3. fiction PRINT (15K words)* 
4. poetry PRINT  
5. nonfiction PRINT (15k words)*
6. binge
7. travel poem
8. james hurst 1
9. james hurst 2
10. new york encounter
11. glamour mag
12. furious gazelle 
13. Porkbelly Press - Chapbook Cover Artwork
14. IMAGE journal JH
15. SUB - Zoetrope JUly 23 JH
16. SUB - Diverse Writers grant
17. SUB - Diverse Worlds grant

as can be seen, 99 - 14 = 85 more to go

accepted list:

1. Chicken Soup AA
2. Art 1 AA
3. Art 2 AA

my goal is to sub to 5 things by the end of the  weeekend

UPDATE - to this on 7.29.2017 - 2 grants (added above)