Tuesday, December 20, 2016

birthday list


- so far looks like made it to 39 or whatnot
- fun to go to Good STuff again yesterday, AND Zuma... havent been in a long time
- reminds me how its fun to be back in Mad Co again
- got our plate for car
- succeeded in making good enough $$
- new years yard sale idea scrapped (thank fuck)
- not cold in spite of
- probably will purchase oil/gas for furnace sooon
- more later probably


box of cards

1 - (d tell)
2 - chall
3 - togar rugs
4 - coffee shop Hville
5 - storage
6 - Suzette's
7 - TJ's
8 - home

Friday, December 9, 2016

do this, grant opp DUE FEB 8



also these https://www.freedomwithwriting.com/freedom/uncategorized/44-blogs-that-pay-50-for-guest-posts/

ALSO THIS FEB 4 https://overland.org.au/2016/12/ahoy-there-new-writers-we-want-your-fiction/

Dec 9

Grateful for

- spending time with kitties again
- replacing random netflix stuff with productive youtube videos that have something to impart
- having art accepted at 2 lit mags (of course i don't really know what the pt is, or what to do after that, it seems like a momentum that should be kept up, but don't know how. Also do not really get paid for it, or what rights i remain. IE one of those 'was it more trouble than ti was worth?" at least nice that other ppl besides your mum like your art, lol)
- good drive into town, even when i was driving
- free & good dinnner
- being in black mtn again for a while; enjoyable here

To Do

- daily stuff
- pay light on Fri
- hygge page
- post ads early AM, everywhere
- xmas logo
- ma blog
- paint by #s request
- remaining gifts (prob online)
- the credit thing cash back
- later review other lists on here and elsewhere

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

sale ads things

- list on cl  :
  • fridge
  • fridge 2
  • table 1
  • table 2
  • table 3
  • clothes
  • sticks
  • tablets
  • nightstands
  • dishes
  • mags
  • Camera
- list on fb sale groups:  
  • fridge
  • fridge 2
  • table 1
  • table 2
  • table 3
  • clothes
  • sticks
  • tablet 
  • nightstands
  • dishes
  • mags
- list on iwanna:  (USER: spindoctorjimbo PASS: poo)
  • fridge
  • fridge 2
  • table 1 tile
  • table 2
  • table 3
  • clothes
  • sticks
  • tablet 
  • nightstands
  • dishes
  • mags

- TF posts
  • wood cleaning
  • cat pee
  • food

Grates & Tasks

random Asian chick - Nashville Parthenon


- uber thing finally pulled through
- had enough funds to cover all bills (which was an extravagant desire back when affixed photo was taken, mid November). Back then didnt know how it was going to be possible, but it was
- general grooviness of new wheels
- made huge chili & whatnot so will not need to really cook for a while
- great progress yesterday with DL tasks
- baa was here which is always great fun
- fun & interesting dinnner event 2 nites ago
- more reasonably tidy and clean kitchen!
- did put some books away
- we have actual dish/satellite and TV! Big telly came with the house. But it came with satellite box, apparently, and the best part of that actually is satellite radio which is super fun. But it's fun to know i can watch some bollocks when so inclined. And I believe we are not paying for it (but i guess we find out lol)
- VERY grateful to have a heating methodology that will keep it at least HUMAN in here, and is not costing a fortune

To Do

THE ONE THING: following computer list: On Computer (done by 4:30pm)
- DL jobs for remaining 4 days
- DIHs for remaining
- uber thingie
- NNL for today
- post CL list sale things PREPPED PHOTOS (just all of them, just fucking do it, forget about the right time for it, etc)
- prep for TF postings photos/list
- bills finish (if $ posted) not today

In house ( rest of evening, or as getting up breaks)
- dishwasher things/gen kitchen
- clothes away in bedrooom
- unload more boxes
- take stuff out to yard
- find glasses leg to fix ones with prespcription/fix glassses
- make spray/spray shoes (ALL shoes)
- Pia thing (need glue or whatnot)

Additional computer (if time)
- post TF
- manage audio files
- sub process review list
- sub process harvest more
- have we a cash back cc?
- whatever remains of xmas gifts

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dec 2

Yesterday was through some weird miracle EXACTLY what I dont' want my days to be like.

Instead of wasting breath on that, I want to share what I DO want my days to exactly be like:

- get up early by 7am at the least, generally shooting for 6am
- have a moment of exercise or whatnot, prayer, LHay
- make food involving greens, proteins, etc
- eat whole foods/raw/paleo/what have you all day
- sit to do sthg productive by 9am at the least, having had a day-before list
- stop eating & coffee at 5pm
- spend time doing things that make beaucoup $$ and/or are enriching
- fulfill obligations, deadlines, committments
- some sort of fun break
- enriching reading, etc till 9pm
- get off computer
- bed by 10 or 11p
- IF for some reason being forced to moonlight it, or stay up past midnite for a deadline, have it be for something that is earning at least $1000


- finished a project that was becoming impossible for whatever reason to complete
- new clarity re. what i want to spend time on in regards to time/compensation formula, IE when prospecting for new jobs
- some good audios
- it rained, which was needed
- for the moneys earned recently
- for not being attached to bad stuff anymore so much
- cleaned kitchen yesterday which i didn't think I'd get to
- found some $ which i thought was missing
- Unpleasant Person not on facebook sale groups

To Do

The One Thing: Clean back room in preparation

Other priority: Kitchen, bills

- make banana bread
- list on fb sale groups:

  • fridge
  • table 1
  • table 2
  • clothes
  • sticks
  • tablets
  • nightstands
  • dishes
  • mags
- light bill? looked, couldnt
- clean back bedroom
- reorder fridge
- put clothes away
- ma blog
- TF posts

  • prep photos
  • make list?
  • POST
- pay bills
- find quilt blocks to email E. re poss project
- sub process recover
  • update spreadsheet
  • advise re. upcoming deadlines
  • find new opps
  • write art emailed lady