Saturday, July 22, 2017

starting again, one way or another

sending this out in the mail

other news

1) the Chicken Soup thing I submitted did get accepted :) 

2) two things I submitted re art (free) also

I will update this more in a serious way by the end of the weekend


1) AA art sub (paid or unpaid)

2) JH paid wtg sub & pitch - IE

3) JH unpaid sub (truth out, etc, old SERMCAP wtg, w/ Patreon link

4) AA paid wtg sub (if time, etc, maybe list of topics) IE this one

I have to look at the whole process and see if i want to start over or continue where I left off. Technically we want to collect 99 rejections so as soon as something comes in (IE chicken soup) I have to add more.

Prob add more because i started this in october and thus have till oct 2017 to do this

Going to keep a proper tally again:
when subbed, I put SUB in bold, then when accepted, removed off list & put on ACCEPTED list/blog; when rejected, remove SUB and leave on list

rejected list (goal is 99 by Oct)

1. Chicken SOup JH teacher inspiration
2. online fiction 
3. fiction PRINT (15K words)* 
4. poetry PRINT  
5. nonfiction PRINT (15k words)*
6. binge
7. travel poem
8. james hurst 1
9. james hurst 2
10. new york encounter
11. glamour mag
12. furious gazelle 
13. Porkbelly Press - Chapbook Cover Artwork
14. IMAGE journal JH
15. SUB - Zoetrope JUly 23 JH
16. SUB - Diverse Writers grant
17. SUB - Diverse Worlds grant

as can be seen, 99 - 14 = 85 more to go

accepted list:

1. Chicken Soup AA
2. Art 1 AA
3. Art 2 AA

my goal is to sub to 5 things by the end of the  weeekend

UPDATE - to this on 7.29.2017 - 2 grants (added above)

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